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Table S1. Demographic data of the study group of patients with geographic atrophy and the control group of patients without retinal disorders and undergoing routine cataract surgery.

Figure S1. CCR2 immunohistochemistry on healthy human blood smear.

Figure S2. Negative control and examples of CCR2+ immunohistochemistry on sections with geographic atrophy and age related maculopathy.

Figure S3. Intravitreal EdU injections in light-challenged Cx3cr1−/−mice.

Figure S4. Comparaison of subretinal MP accumulation in C57BL/6, Ccl2−/− and Cx3cr1−/− mice at 18 months under the same animal housing conditions.

Figure S5. Photoreceptor status in 3-month-old C57BL/6 and Cx3cr1−/− mice.

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