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Particle size distribution in natural water via density estimation


  • Jolanta Jarnicka

    Corresponding author
    1. Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland; Faculty of Applied Mathematics, AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow, Poland
    • Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, Newelska 6, 01-447, Warsaw, Poland.
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  • This article is published in Environmetrics as a special issue on TIES 2008: Quantitative Methods for Environmental Sustainability, edited by Sylvia R. Esterby, University of British Columbia Okanagan, Canada.


In this paper we use density estimation to investigate the particle size distribution in surface water and to extract the components of density functions obtained. This distribution helps to investigate quality of water with respect to its physical characterization. The analysis is conducted using the two-step density estimation method. The first step of the method is based on parametric density estimation and uses a modification of the EM algorithm to a normal mixture model. In the second step we apply the generalized kernel density estimator, being the convex combination of the well-known kernel density estimators.