Correlation between fluctuation and dissipation in the case of the adsorption of acetone and ethanol by the activated carbon



The previous studies have shown that the gas adsorption process in a microporous solid is due to three phenomena: the direct adsorption (transportation phenomenon), the diffusion, and the fluctuations of the energy and the adsorbed matter quantity. These studies assume that the links between the different fluctuations are constant. In this article, we propose a new model of theses links based on the probabilistic-statistical properties of correlations and on the micropore filling theory. Currently, there is no result leading to the establishment of the general form of the correlation which is based essentially on the existing general theory of the actual statistical probability, the experiment and the scientific logic. A good agreement between the theoretical results and the measurements is obtained, which confirms the efficiency of the proposed model. © 2010 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Environ Prog, 2011.