• N-alkylbenzimidazole derivatives;
  • basic carbons;
  • microwave activation;
  • green chemistry


In this research, we report for the first time the one-pot microwave-assisted synthesis of N-butylbenzimidazole derivatives via alkylation of benzimidazole with 1-bromobutane over alkali-metal doped carbons in absence of any solvent. N-alkylbenzimidazole derivatives are produced in high yields and in very short reaction times when NaCs-Norit is used as catalyst (ca. 75% in 5 min). Thus the combination of microwaves and basic carbons in dry media leads to the simplest, most eco-efficient and fastest procedure reported so far for the preparation of benzimidazole derivatives with pharmacological properties. Under these mild reaction conditions, N-butylbenzimidazoles are obtained with total selectivity to be used in many important industrial applications. © 2010 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Environ Prog, 2011