Combined MBBR-MF for industrial wastewater treatment



An assessment of the performance of a combined moving bed biofilm reactor and a membrane filtration (MBBR-MF) system for treatment of a wastewater from a potato chip factory was performed. Pretreatment of membrane feed by coagulation with alum, ferric chloride, and a blend of polyaluminum chloride and polyamine was investigated for improving membrane performance. The effect of coagulation on membrane fouling was found to strongly depend on the type and dosage of the coagulant and the MBBR effluent characteristics. Ferric chloride performed the best as a pretreatment coagulant compared with alum and the coagulant blend. It reduced total fouling by 79% and increased consistency as compared with the other coagulants. Alum and the blend were, on average, 30% and 8%, less effective than ferric chloride in reducing total fouling. © 2011 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Environ Prog, 2011