• acetaminophen;
  • photocatalytic degradation;
  • silver-deposited TiO2;
  • periodate;
  • UV-A light


The central composite design (CCD) technique was used to study the effect of photocatalytic oxidation with silver-deposited TiO2 and periodate on the mineralization of acetaminophen in water. The effects of three experimental parameters such as initial acetaminophen and periodate concentration, and reaction time on mineralization have been investigated. The significance of the independent variables and their interactions were tested by the analysis of variance (ANOVA). The highest TOC removal was estimated as 100% at 0.26 mM acetaminophen concentration, 9.14 mM periodate, and 6 min reaction time, while silver-loaded TiO2 amount was set at 0.8 g/L and initial pH was 3.0. The results show the efficiency of photocatalytic oxidation process with silver deposited TiO2 to remove acetaminophen at low concentrations from aqueous medium. © 2011 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Environ Prog, 2011