• convective diffusional collection efficiency;
  • polydispersed particles;
  • dust-loaded fiber filter;
  • log-normal size distribution;
  • moment approach


In this study, convective diffusional collection efficiency of polydispersed particles on a dust-loaded fiber filter is estimated. The change in the polydispersed particle size distribution on dust-loaded fibers due to convective diffusion was studied. A log-normal size distribution was assumed and the moment approach was applied. Consequently, the effect of dust loading on polydispersed particle size distribution could be obtained.

In the convective diffusional region, the geometric mean diameter increases and the geometric standard deviation decreases as filtration times goes. The collection efficiency increases further for a large polydispersed interception parameter for clean filters and this tendency is enhanced when dust loading is present. The geometric mean diameter increases further for a large polydispersed interception parameter. This study presents simplified methods for examining filter performance under dust-loaded conditions. The obtained results enhance our understanding of the change in the collection efficiency of polydispersed particle when particles are deposited on a fiber. © 2011 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Environ Prog, 2011