• brilliant cresyl blue;
  • toluidine blue;
  • ethylene glycol;
  • sodium lauryl sulphate;
  • conversion efficiency;
  • photogalvanic cell


The efforts have been made to enhance the electrical output, conversion efficiency, and storage capacity of the photogalvanic cell in this research work. It has also been emphasized to reduce the cost of construction of the cell by using cheaper, stable, and very dilute solutions in the photogalvanic cell so developed. A mixture of two photosensitizers (Brilliant cresyl blue + Toluidine blue), ethylene glycol as reductant and sodium lauryl sulphate as surfactant, have been used in photogalvanic cell. The observed values of electrical output-photopotential, photocurrent, and power of the photogalvanic cell are 871.0 mV, 630.0 μA, and 548.73 μW, respectively. The mixed photosensitizer system can work for 70.0 min in dark to use whenever needed. The observed conversion efficiency of the photogalvanic cell is 1.87%. The effect of various parameters on electrical output has also been studied along with i-V Characteristics of the photogalvanic cell. A mechanism for the photogeneration of electricity is also proposed. © 2011 American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2011