Effect of injector opening pressure on performance, emission and combustion characteristics of DI diesel engine fueled with diesel and honne oil methyl ester


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Honne oil methyl ester (HOME), a nonedible vegetable oil has remained as an untapped new possible source of alternative fuel. The present research is aimed to investigate experimentally the performance, exhaust emission, and combustion characteristics of a DI diesel engine, when fueled with neat diesel (ND) and HOME. The injector opening pressure (IOP) is varied from 200 bar (manufacturer specified value) to 260 bar in steps of 20 bar.

The combustion parameters of HOME (IOP 260 bar) are found to be very close to ND. For other IOPs, these combustion parameters deviated compared to ND. The performance (BTE, BSFC, and EGT) of HOME (IOP 260 bar) is almost the same as that of ND. For other IOPs, BTE is inferior compared to ND. The emissions (CO and SO) of HOME (IOP 260 bar) are dropped significantly compared to ND. HC emissions of HOME (IOP 240 bar) are slightly decreased, whereas for other IOPs, it is increased compared to ND. NOx emissions of HOME (IOP 200 to 260 bar) are slightly decreased.

The reductions in exhaust emissions and increase in BTEmade HOME (IOP 260 bar) a suitable alternative fuel for diesel fuel and thus could help in controlling air pollution. © 2011 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Environ Prog, 32: 148–155, 2013.