Degradation of antibiotics amoxicillin by Co3O4-catalyzed peroxymonosulfate system

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Sulfate radical-based advanced oxidation processes (SR-AOPs) are attracting considerable attention due to the high oxidizing ability of sulfate radical to degrade organic pollutants in aqueous environments. In this study, the degradation of antibiotics amoxicillin using SR-AOPs was investigated. This process is based on the generation of sulfate radicals through Co3O4-mediated activation of peroxymonosulfate (PMS). Several parameters affecting antibiotics degradation such as Co3O4, PMS, pH, and temperature were investigated. The optimal conditions were found to be as follows: oxone concentration 0.01 mol·L −1, Co3O4 dosage 0.06 g, pH 6.0, reaction temperature 60°C, and reaction time 45 min. Under these optimum conditions, it was found that the chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal efficiency of 91.01% was achieved. The effect of ultrasound in the Co3O4/PMS system for amoxicillin degradation was also studied. © 2012 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Environ Prog, 32: 193-197, 2013