Biomass gasification with circle draft® process



Gasification seems to be a promising technology for small scale power generation, but while coal gasification has a long history and many facilities operate the process successfully, biomass hasn't the same success. Biomass gasifiers are usually based on “down draft” or “up draft” configuration and are not able to guarantee good quality syngas. Besides, they require very dry and selected feedstock, and the gas' cleaning process is usually very difficult and complex. Fluidized-bed gasifiers are also very promising but they require feedstock's preparation in terms of size and moisture and they are quite complex to operate in comparison to “down draft” or “up draft” configurations. In order to overcome these limitations INSER has developed a new gasification system, air blown and not pressurized: the “Circle Draft®.” © 2012 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Environ Prog, 2012