• Carbon capture and storage;
  • source–sink matching;
  • mixed integer linear programming

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) involves capturing relatively pure carbon dioxide (CO2) from gaseous combustion products and storing it in various reservoirs. In this work, a multiperiod mixed integer linear programming model focusing primarily on physical and temporal considerations of CO2 source–sink matching is proposed. CO2 sources are assumed to be characterized by variable flow rates and fixed operating lives; on the other hand, CO2 sinks are characterized by finite injection rate and storage capacity limits, as well as earliest time of availability. The proposed approach takes into account important temporal issues that may be encountered in planning the CCS system, particularly when the operating lives of sources and sinks do not completely overlap. Two illustrative case studies are then solved to illustrate the use of the model to realistic CCS planning problems. © 2012 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Environ Prog, 32: 411-416, 2013