Effect of pretreatment on the physical properties of biomass and its relation to fluidized bed gasification



Biomass gasification is a thriving energy conversion technology with many successful demonstrations. However, there are various constraints that may be encountered which continue to cause significant problems originating from fuel properties. Raw biomass fuels usually have high moisture content, low bulk density, low ash melting points, chemical composition with potentially high chlorine content, etc. The constraints related to gasification can include fuel preparation, handling, storage, and feeding problems. In many cases, these constraints can be significantly reduced by pretreatment. Some pretreatment processes commonly pursued are comminution, drying, and pelletization which alter physical properties of biomass that are important to fluid bed gasification. The prior investigations and analysis of the effect of size reduction (comminution), drying, and pelletization on the physical properties of biomass and its effect on gasification performance in fluid bed systems are summarized here. © 2012 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Environ Prog, 2012