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Effect of CO2 stripping on pH in open-recirculating cooling water systems



A simplified mathematical model has been developed to evaluate the effect of CO2 stripping on pH of recirculating cooling water in power plant cooling systems. Experimental data from three pilot-scale cooling towers using treated municipal wastewater as makeup water were used to determine the CO2 mass transfer coefficients in the gas phase kg and aqueous phase kw. The optimum values of the gas film mass transfer coefficient and water film mass transfer coefficient were determined by regression to be kg = 8.4 × 10−6 m/s and kw=8.4 × 10−8m/s, respectively. The results also indicate that the model is capable of predicting the pH of the cooling loop as a function of makeup water alkalinity and cooling loop alkalinity (in case of salt formation) as well as the operating parameters of the cooling system. © 2013 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Environ Prog, 33: 275–282, 2014