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A clustering analysis method for exploring microorganism conversion of biomass energy



Biomass energy, a form of clean energy, has the advantage of being environment friendly. It can produce combustible gas through biological conversion, which relies on the selection of microorganisms. Archaea can survive under extreme environments and release energy through genetic metabolism. These characteristics of Archaea can make them ideal for biological conversion; however, only some types of Archaea are actually effective in terms of biological conversion. At the same time, one-by-one screening of different Archaea types would be time-consuming and costly. The objective of the present research was to propose a method and system for rapid screening, and the cluster analysis method is recommended as a selection tool. In light of the gradual sequencing of Archaea DNA, this research used the Codon Usage Number for DNA sequencing to reduce the complexity of the data analysis and increase computing speed. Finally, the cluster results show that the research method possesses the advantages of clear clustering and easy identification, in addition to achieving speed and clarity in computing process. It can thus be used in conjunction with the Bacteria Battery concept to develop new sources of energy. © 2013 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Environ Prog, 33: 636–648, 2014