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Evaluating green performance of building products based on gray relational analysis and analytic hierarchy process



Building sector is the main contributor to total energy consumption and the associated CO2 emissions. The enforcement of energy efficient building is considered as the most successful strategy for CO2 emission reduction and energy saving during the life cycle of the building, while the application of suitable green building products plays an important role in facilitating energy efficient building promotion. This article proposes a comprehensive evaluation method for assessing the green performance of building products. The analytic hierarchy process is employed to determine the weights of evaluation indices, while the gray relational analysis is used to find the optimal product. A hypothetical case study is presented and the result shows that the sequence of the size of green performance is: product 3> product 1> product 2> product 4. Meanwhile, the proposed methods are proved feasible for scheme selection. © 2013 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Environ Prog, 33: 1389–1395, 2014