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Development of a tilted-slide reactor for the fast pyrolysis of biomass



A tilted-slide reactor for fast pyrolysis of the biomass was designed for the production of the biocrude-oil, in which no fluidizing gas and no electric power are necessary for conveying hot sand. The hot sand and the biomass are mixed together while they slid down on the inner surface of the tilted reactor by gravity force. The biomass is decomposed during the “sliding down” process simultaneously. An 8-h continuous experiment was conducted to evaluate the reactor's performance for the stable operation. Woody biomass (Douglas fir) was fed into the reactor to study the biocrude-oil yield and its characteristics. One spray-type condenser was used to condense the biocrude-oil by a direct contact heat transfer, and five shell-and-tube type condensers were used to collect the biocrude-oil by an indirect contact heat transfer. The biocrude-oil yield was achieved about 65 wt % with a feeding rate of 15.5 kg/h at the reactor temperature of 490°C. The characteristics of the biocrude-oil obtained from each condenser were analyzed and compared with each other. © 2013 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Environ Prog, 33: 1405–1410, 2014

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