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Dissolution of colemanite process waste in oxalic acid solutions



The dissolution of colemanite waste in oxalic acid solutions was studied in a batch reactor, and the characterization of colemanite waste was determined by X-ray diffraction analysis and X-ray Fluorescence analysis. The dissolution parameters in this study were acid concentration, stirring speed, and reaction temperature, and it was observed that the dissolution rate increased with increasing reaction temperature. The experimental data were examined by using homogeneous and heterogeneous kinetic models, and the dissolution kinetics of the waste was determined to be a pseudo-first-order homogeneous reaction control model. The activation energy of colemanite waste in oxalic acid solution was calculated to be 27.80 kJ/mol. Thus, pure boric acid crystals can be produced using of colemanite waste, and this can benefit the environment and the economy. © 2013 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Environ Prog, 33: 1111–1116, 2014