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Integrated hydropyrolysis and hydroconversion (IH) for the direct production of gasoline and diesel fuels or blending components from biomass, Part 2: continuous testing


  • Presented at the Tcbiomass2013 conference; September 3–6, 2013, at Chicago, Illinois.


Cellulosic biomass can be directly converted to high-quality hydrocarbon transportation fuels through the use of integrated hydropyrolysis plus hydroconversion (IH). IH is a new process which has been developed which has excellent economics, and low greenhouse gas emissions. Experimental data from a 50 kg/day continuous IH pilot plant is presented which demonstrates the production of high-quality gasoline and diesel fuels over 750 h of continuous testing. © 2013 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Environ Prog, 33: 762–768, 2014