Incremental dynamic analysis



Incremental dynamic analysis (IDA) is a parametric analysis method that has recently emerged in several different forms to estimate more thoroughly structural performance under seismic loads. It involves subjecting a structural model to one (or more) ground motion record(s), each scaled to multiple levels of intensity, thus producing one (or more) curve(s) of response parameterized versus intensity level. To establish a common frame of reference, the fundamental concepts are analysed, a unified terminology is proposed, suitable algorithms are presented, and properties of the IDA curve are looked into for both single-degree-of-freedom and multi-degree-of-freedom structures. In addition, summarization techniques for multi-record IDA studies and the association of the IDA study with the conventional static pushover analysis and the yield reduction R-factor are discussed. Finally, in the framework of performance-based earthquake engineering, the assessment of demand and capacity is viewed through the lens of an IDA study. Copyright © 2001 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.