A study on the seismic performance of steel-reinforced concrete frame-concrete core wall high-rise mixed structure by large-scale shaking table tests and numerical simulations


Correspondence to: Ziguo Xu, China Academy of Building Research, Beijing, China.



This paper reports a study for the seismic performance of one large-scaled (1/15) model of 30-story steel-reinforced concrete frame-concrete core wall mixed structure. The study was implemented by both shaking table tests, in which the similarity ratio for lateral and gravitational accelerations was kept to 1:1, and numerical nonlinear dynamic analysis. The test observations presented herein include story displacement, interstory drift, natural vibration periods, and final failure mode. The numerical analysis was performed to simulate the shaking table test procedure, and the numerically obtained responses were verified by the test results. On the basis of the numerical results, the progressions of structural stiffness, base shear, and overturning moment were investigated, and the distributions of base shear and overturning moment between frame and core wall were also discussed. The test demonstrates the seismic performance of the steel-reinforced concrete frame-core wall mixed structure and reveals the potential overturning failure mode for high rise structures. The nonlinear analysis results indicate that the peripheral frames could take more shear forces after core wall damaged under severe earthquakes. Copyright © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.