• Fuel cells;
  • hydrogen engine;
  • hydrogen generation;
  • solar technologies;
  • thermodynamic cycles

This special issue is a collection of selected peer-reviewed papers from the Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Clean Energy (ICCE-2010), held in Famagusta, North Cyprus on September 15–17, 2010. There are eleven original papers compiled in the issue covering topics related to developments in thermodynamic cycles, solar energy applications and hydrogen energy technologies.

The first nine conferences were organized by the University of Miami with the title ‘Miami International Conference on Alternative Energy Sources’. In 2009, the conference series were decided to be continued in different cities around the world under the name ‘International Conference on Clean Energy’ marking Prof. Dr. T. Nejat Veziroğlu's retirement from the University of Miami. Prof. Veziroğlu, who proposed a world economy based on hydrogen energy, is renowned for his life-long contribution to clean energy. He founded the Clean Energy Research Institute (CERI) in 1973, the International Association of Hydrogen Energy (IAHE) in 1974 and launched the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy in 1976. The First Miami International Conference on Alternative Energy Sources was organized in 1977 by CERI under his leadership.

ICCE-2010 was organized by the Energy Research Center of the Eastern Mediterranean University and was held in cooperation with CERI and IAHE. The conference organization accepted 233 papers from 35 countries. Among the papers presented in the conference, there was a breadth of disciplines under the main theme of clean energy. The technical sessions were arranged under topics such as hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, fuel cells, solar technologies, ocean energy, wind energy, nuclear energy, sustainable architecture, cleaner fossil technologies, energy management and energy economics. The conference was honored by four keynote speakers: Prof. Dr. T. Nejat Veziroğlu from the University of Miami in USA, Prof. Dr. Glenn P. Jenkins from Eastern Mediterranean University in North Cyprus, Prof. Dr. İbrahim Dinçer from University of Ontario in Canada and Prof. Emeritus Robert Hastings from Architecture, Energy and Environment Ltd in Switzerland.

I wish to express my genuine appreciation to the organizing committee and volunteers who have made ICCE-2010 a memorable event. I also thank the editor-in-chief of International Journal of Energy Research, Prof. Dr. İbrahim Dinçer, for hosting this special issue and for offering his invaluable help and guidance.