Analysis of load-following characteristics for an integrated pressurized water reactor



Integrated pressurized water reactor (IPWR) usually be equipped with once-through steam generators (OTSGs). The OTSG has many advantages such as simple mechanical structure, smaller size, and higher heat transfer efficiency. It produces superheated steam but with less inventory in its secondary side. The steam pressure is easily affected by steam flow rate or feed water flow rate. This draws more attention to design advanced reactor control system. In this paper, a study has been carried out to analyze the thermal hydraulic performance of an advanced IPWR under steady-state and transient conditions by using a thermal hydraulic safety analysis code Relap5. An effective load-following control system is proposed. The steady-state operating characteristics of IPWR at different load conditions show that the average primary coolant temperature, steam pressure, and coolant mass flow rate are the most important control parameters. Pump frequency conversion strategy and OTSG grouping run strategy are used to study the transient operating characteristics of IPWR. Simulation results of the control system demonstrate its capability in regulating feedwater flow rate and reactor power to follow the change of steam flow rate. According to the results, the OTSG grouping run strategy is optimized to ensure the OTSG operates safely under low load conditions. Copyright © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.