• eating disorders;
  • day patient programme;
  • effectiveness;
  • treatment evaluation


There is a dearth of literature evaluating day patient treatment for eating disorders based upon the targeted goals of treatment, to conclude that day patient programmes are effective. This study aimed to explore the effectiveness of an innovative day patient programme by examining whether the seven key treatment goals improved across treatment and were maintained 3 months after discharge. Of the 58 participants who completed measures assessing BMI, eating disorder cognitions, behaviours, core beliefs, readiness to change, quality of life and perpetuating factors at admission, discharge and follow-up, 44 completed the day programme with 14 non-completers. The results demonstrated that all seven treatment goals improved across treatment and the improvements were maintained or further improved at 3 month follow-up. The results are discussed in context of the published day patient programme literature with implications for future research to maximise optimal treatment outcomes from day patient treatment. Copyright © 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd and Eating Disorders Association.