Comparing the acute response to cadmium toxicity of nauplii from different populations of Artemia



The lethal responses to cadmium of instar II nauplii from eight populations of Artemia belonging to the species Artemia franciscana, Artemia salina, Artemia persimilis, and Artemia parthenogenetica have been compared. Generalized linear models were used to fit mortality. The model indicates that there is a relationship between species, type of population, and mortality rate. The two populations of A. franciscana were the most sensitive to cadmium toxicity (median lethal concentration, LC50, of 93.3— 142 mg/L), while the population of A. persimilis was the most resistant (LC50 of 284 mg/L). Differences in the phenotypic variability in each population were assessed through the slope of the mortality curve, with A. persimilis exhibiting the highest diversity. This study suggests that habitat peculiarities and historical origin of the populations may have a significant influence on their response to cadmium toxicity.