• Retention index;
  • Immobilized artificial membrane;
  • Hydrophobicity;
  • Octanol-water partition coefficient;
  • Experimental variability


A database was collated of published experimental logarithmic values for the relative retention factors (log kIAM) measured using an immobilized artificial membrane column and high-performance liquid chromatography (IAM HPLC). Log kIAM is an alternative measure of hydrophobicity to the octanol/water partition coefficient (log KOW). While there are several accepted methods to measure log KOW, no standardized method exists to determine log kIAM. The database of collated log kIAM values includes 13 key experimental parameters and contains 1,686 values for 555 compounds, which are predominantly polar organic compounds and include drug molecules and surfactants. These compounds are acidic, basic, and neutral and both ionized and un-ionized under the conditions of analysis. The data compiled demonstrated experimental variability for each experimental parameter considered, including column stationary phase, pH, temperature, and mobile phase. Reducing the experimental variability allowed for greater consistency in the datasets. Environ. Toxicol. Chem. 2011;30:2701–2708. © 2011 SETAC