A measurement approach for obtaining static load model parameters in real time at the distribution level



The purpose of this paper is to present and assess a new methodology for obtaining the parameters of static load models, which represent the aggregated load behaviour at the distribution level. This methodology is divided into two stages: the first one obtains the load composition at the point of measurement using a non-intrusive method, while the second one generates the final aggregated static load models. Its main advantage, in contrast to previous parameter estimations, is that it obviates the need to apply artificial voltage steps at the distribution network—generated by load tap changers or capacitor switching, placed at the substations. In this way, the methodology can be used to obtain the static load parameters of the aggregated load in real time. To assess the suitability of the method, several measurements were taken at a distribution transformer—in a university environment—and the obtained results have also been included in this paper. Copyright © 2006 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.