Why taxonomic stability is a bad idea, or why are there so few species of primates (or are there?)


  • Colin Groves

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    • Colin Groves, born in London, has taught at the Australian National University since 1974. He was recently promoted to Professor of Biological Anthropology. His main research has been on the taxonomy of Primates and other mammals, but he has also worked on human and mammalian evolution, biogeography, and conservation projects. He has published five books: Gorillas (1970); Horses, Asses and Zebras in the Wild (1974); Ancestors for the Pigs (1981); A Theory of Human and Primate Evolution (1989; 2nd edition, 1992); and Primate Taxonomy (2001). His research history and publications will be found on his website, http://arts.anu.edu.au/grovco/