• ISO 19700;
  • BS 7900;
  • IEC 60695-7-50;
  • toxicity;
  • tube furnace;
  • local equivalence ratio (LER);
  • CFD modelling


ISO TS 19700 describes a test method for the generation of fire effluent and the identification and measurement of its constituent combustion products. The method has been previously accepted as a British Standard (BS 7990:2003) and as an IEC Standard (IEC 60695-7-50), which involves the decomposition of materials or products under various decomposing conditions occurring in different types and stages of real fires. It uses a moving test specimen and a tube furnace at different temperatures and air flow rates as the fire model. Simulations of flow and combustion conditions inside the tube (Purser) furnace were carried out and validated with the measurements. The objective of the present study is to demonstrate the validity of using computational fluid dynamics (CFD)-based fire field modelling techniques to predict the fire environment inside the tube furnace. These numerical investigations are also used to verify critical experimental operating parameters that affect the performance of the tube furnace and understand the modus operandi of the tube furnace toxicity method. Copyright © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.