Accelerating environmental cleanup at DOE sites: Monitored natural attenuation/enhanced attenuation—A basis for a new paradigm



The U.S. Department of Energy is conducting a project to accelerate remediation through the use of monitored natural attenuation and enhanced attenuation for chlorinated ethenes in soils and groundwater. Better monitoring practices, improved scientific understanding, and an advanced regulatory framework are being sought through a team effort that engages technology developers from academia, private industry, and government laboratories; site cleanup managers; stakeholders; and federal and state regulators. The team works collaboratively toward the common goals of reducing risk, accelerating cleanup, reducing cost, and minimizing environmental disruption. Cuttingedge scientific advances are being combined with experience and sound environmental engineering in a broadly integrated and comprehensive approach that exemplifies so-called “third-generation R&D.” The project is potentially a model for other cleanup activities. © 2005 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Reprinted from Remediation Volume 15, Number 1.