Studies on essential oils, Part 42: chemical, antifungal, antioxidant and sprout suppressant studies on ginger essential oil and its oleoresin



GC–MS analysis of fresh rhizome essential oil of Zingiber officinale showed the presence of 69 components, accounting for 96.93% of the total oil. The major component was α-zingiberene (28.62%) followed by camphene (9.32%), ar-curcumene (9.09%) and β-phellandrene (7.97%). Analysis of the oleoresin showed the presence of 34 components, accounting for 88.63% of the total oleoresin. The major components were trans-6-shogaol (26.23%), trans-10-shogaol (13.0%), α-zingiberene (9.66%) and 10-gingerdione (6.80%). Moreover, the essential oil was found to be 100% antifungal against Fusarium oxysporum, whereas the oleoresin was 100% antifungal against Aspergillus niger. The latter expressed better antioxidant activity in sunflower oil as compared to the essential oil and synthetic antioxidants (BHA and BHT). Copyright © 2004 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.