Volatile leaf oils of some south-western and Southern Australian species of the genus eucalyptus. Part III1—subgenus symphyomyrtus, section bisectaria, series macrocarpae



The volatile leaf oils of Eucalyptus lane-poolei Maiden, E. drummondii Benth., E. annuliformis Grayling & Brooker, E. oldfieldii F. Muell., E burracoppinensis Maiden & Blakely, E. macrocarpa subsp. macrocarpa Hopper, E. macrocarpa Hook. subsp. elachantha Brooker & Hopper, E. rhodantha Blakely & Steedm., E. carnabyi Blakely & Steedm. ex Blakely, E. pyriformis Turcz., E. youngiana F. Muell., E. pachyphylla F. Muell., E. kingsmillii (Maiden) Maiden & Blakely, E. leptopoda Benth., E. synandra M. D. Crisp, E. oxymitra Blakely and E. sessilis (Maiden) Maiden & Blakely, isolated by vacuum distillation, were analysed by GC-MS. Most species contained α-pinene (5–28%), 1,8-cineole (0.5–70%), p-cymene (0.4–12%), aromadendrene (0.8–21%) and bicyclogermacrene (0.1–25%) as principal leaf oil components.