Cyclodextrin derivatives in GC separation of enantiomers of essential oil, aroma and flavour compounds



This article reviews papers published over the period 1989-94 concerning applications of cyclodextrin derivatives (CDDs) to the separation of volatile racemates in the essential oil, extract, flavour and aroma fields by CGC techniques. For each application, the racemate separated, the CDD used for the separation and the matrix analysed are reported. The applications are grouped by the analytical technique employed: capillary gas chromatography and capillary gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (CGC and CGC-MS); multidimensional gas chromatography (MDGC); capillary gas chromatography-isotope ratio-mass spectrometry (CGC-IRMS); liquid chromatography-capillary gas chromatography (HPLC-CGC).