• adjoint methods;
  • sensitivities;
  • topology optimization;
  • shape optimization;
  • ducted flows;
  • finite volume solver


Topology optimization of fluid dynamic systems is a comparatively young optimal design technique. Its central ingredient is the computation of topological sensitivity maps. Whereas, for finite element solvers, implementations of such sensitivity maps have been accomplished in the past, this study focuses on providing this functionality within a professional finite volume computational fluid dynamics solver. On the basis of a continuous adjoint formulation, we derive the adjoint equations and the boundary conditions for typical cost functions of ducted flows and present first results for two- and three-dimensional geometries. Emphasis is placed on the versatility of our approach with respect to changes in the objective function. We further demonstrate that surface sensitivity maps can also be computed with the implemented functionality and establish their connection with topological sensitivities. Copyright © 2008 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.