• fluid–structure interactions;
  • finite elements;
  • space–time methods;
  • symmetric FSI technique;
  • multiscale FSI techniques;
  • parachute modeling


New special fluid–structure interaction (FSI) techniques, supplementing the ones developed earlier, are employed with the Stabilized Space–Time FSI (SSTFSI) technique. The new special techniques include improved ways of calculating the equivalent fabric porosity in Homogenized Modeling of Geometric Porosity (HMGP), improved ways of building a starting point in FSI computations, ways of accounting for fluid forces acting on structural components that are not expected to influence the flow, adaptive HMGP, and multiscale sequentially coupled FSI techniques. While FSI modeling of complex parachutes was the motivation behind developing some of these techniques, they are also applicable to other classes of complex FSI problems. We also present new ideas to increase the scope of our FSI and CFD techniques. Copyright © 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.