• sloshing;
  • three-dimensional fluid dynamics;
  • finite volume particle method


The use of the finite volume particle (FVP) method is validated for three-dimensional sloshing dynamics with a free surface by comparing with results from experiments. In the first part, two typical sloshing experiments for a single liquid phase are simulated, and slosh characteristics that include the free surface behavior and hydrodynamic pressure are reported. Moreover, the influences of the circular wall geometry and spatial resolution in the simulation are studied in a sensitivity analysis. In the second part, two sloshing problems with solid bodies are simulated to preliminarily verify the applicability of the FVP method to three-dimensional solid bodies' motion in liquid flow. Good agreement between simulations and corresponding experiments indicates that the present FVP method well reproduces three-dimensional sloshing behavior. Copyright © 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.