• total variation diminishing;
  • unstructured grids;
  • advection;
  • transport


For advection schemes with flux limiters derived on one-dimensional grids to two-dimensional (2D) unstructured triangular ones. In this method, the variables located normal to this face are taken into more account to compute the flux, by means of defining required nodes along the line through the center point of the considered face and perpendicular to it. Besides, the new method adopts the improved total variation diminishing schemes in, which consider the face position between the two neighboring cells as well as the size differences of the related cells; therefore, it fits 2D unstructured grids well. Compared with the present flux limiting methods for 2D unstructured grids, a higher accuracy and efficiency and a good monotonicity are achieved by the new method.Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.