• ghost fluid method;
  • multimaterial flow;
  • compressible flow;
  • CWENO;
  • level set


In this work a new ghost fluid method (GFM) is introduced for multimaterial compressible flow with arbitrary equation of states. In previous researches, it has been shown that accurate wave decomposition at the interface by solving a Riemann problem alleviates the shortcomings of the standard GFM in dealing with the impingement of strong waves onto the interface but these Riemann-based GFM are not consistent with the framework of the central WENO scheme in which the emphasis is to avoid solving Riemann problems at control volume faces and enjoy the black box property (being independent of equation of state). The aim of this work is to develop a new GFM that is completely consistent with the methodology behind central schemes; that is, it enjoys a black box property. The capabilities of the proposed GFM method is shown by solving various types of multimaterial compressible flows including gas–gas, gas–water and fluid–solid interfaces interacting with strong shock waves in one and two space dimensions. Copyright © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.