International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids

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10 February 2010

Volume 62, Issue 4

Pages 355–472

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    1. Fluid dynamic numerical simulation coupled with heat transfer and reaction in the tubular reactor of industrial cracking furnaces (pages 355–373)

      Chufu Li, Tong Qiu, Bingzhen Chen, Liang Tian, Bangyong Song and Jichun Li

      Article first published online: 16 APR 2009 | DOI: 10.1002/fld.2017

    2. Comparison of sequential data assimilation methods for the Kuramoto–Sivashinsky equation (pages 374–402)

      M. Jardak, I. M. Navon and M. Zupanski

      Article first published online: 26 FEB 2009 | DOI: 10.1002/fld.2020

    3. A hybrid FVM–LBM method for single and multi-fluid compressible flow problems (pages 403–427)

      Himanshu Joshi, Arpit Agarwal, Bhalchandra Puranik, Chang Shu and Amit Agrawal

      Article first published online: 12 MAR 2009 | DOI: 10.1002/fld.2024

    4. Well-balancing issues related to the RKDG2 scheme for the shallow water equations (pages 428–448)

      Georges Kesserwani, Qiuhua Liang, José Vazquez and Robert Mosé

      Article first published online: 2 APR 2009 | DOI: 10.1002/fld.2027