Relating genes in the biosynthesis of the polyphenol composition of Andean colored potato collection



The objective of this study was to evaluate total antioxidant capacity (TAC), total phenolic content (TPH), and the identification of anthocyanidin and polyphenolic compounds in 13 colored potatoes collected from the Andean region of Bolivia, and understand how the chemical composition correlated with the botanical classification and molecular characterization of genes, ans (anthocyanidin synthase) and stan1 (Solanum tuberosum anthocyanidin synthase), associated with the synthesis of anthocyanidins. The results show the existence of a limited correlation between botanical classification, based on morphological identification and polyphenol composition. No association between genetic grouping of the ans and stan genes and botanical classification was found. However, it was possible to identify a correlation between the ans gene clades and the levels of anthocyanidins as well as of other polyphenols. Thus, this result confirms the concept that potato color can be used in the search for high polyphenol potato cultivars.