gbc20038-sup-0001-Supplemental Information.docxWord 2007 document694KThe data used to derive the relationships given in the methods to estimate bulk density from soil organic matter content. The upper (dashed) regression fits the old (circles) and ancient (unfilled triangles) basins, the lower (solid) regression fits the young (solid triangles) and medium (crosses) basins. The overall R2 for this model is 0.899. This model was chosen because contrasts within the two groups (young versus medium and old versus ancient) were not significant at P < 0.05, while all contrasts between the two groups were significant (young versus ancient, young versus old, medium versus ancient, medium versus old). Parameters with standard errors: old and ancient basins BD = −0.384 ± 0.016 ln(OM) + 0.047 ± 0.015, young and medium basins BD = −0.375 ± 0.020 ln(OM) − 0.029 ± 0.020.
gbc20038-sup-0002-Readme.docxWord 2007 document15KSupporting Information

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