Consistent presence of isochromosome 7q in hepatosplenic t γ/δ lymphoma: A new cytogenetic-clinicopathologic entity



Peripheral T-cell lymphoma (PTL), which is characterized by hepatosplenic presentation and the γ/δ T-cell receptor (TCR) phenotype on the malignant cells, is a rare but distinct subtype of non-Hodgkin's lymphomas. Little is known about the chromosomal changes in these lymphomas. We report the cytogenetic analysis of three patients who had neoplastic proliferation of T γ/δ cells in the spleen, bone marrow, and liver, but not in lymph nodes or skin. Isochromosome 7q and trisomy 8 were observed in all three patients. Isochromosome 7q as the sole abnormality has been previously reported in one patient with similar clinicopathologic features. It is suggested that i(7q) is a primary, nonrandom chromosomal abnormality in hepatosplenic T γ/δ PTL.