• quantitative traits;
  • association studies;
  • quasilikelihood linkage analysis


This paper examines two approaches for the analysis of quantitative traits: (1) association studies and (2) linkage studies. The trait studied was Q1 from simulated Problem 2 data set in Genetic Analysis Workshop 9. Our purpose was to evaluate associations present in the data, to identify nongenetic and genetic predictors of the trait, and to explore the simulated genome for linkage. Through the association study, we found evidence for the primary major gene associated with this trait. The linkage study found evidence of residual genetic effect acting through other traits. Adjustments of Q1 for Q2 and Q3 led to a failure to find significant effects of MG2 and MG3. This supports the suggestion that adjustment for genetically influenced traits for effects of other genetic traits can reduce the power to detect major gene effects. In summary, we detected the major gene directly associated with the trait of interest through association studies. Linkage analysis detected evidence for two other genes associated to a lesser degree with the trait. © 1995 Wiley-Liss, Inc.