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gepi20343-GenEpi-07-0209_SupplementalFigure1.eps327K Figure 1.Pairwise linkage disequilibrium (r2) values between rs3802780 in CTTN gene and all common SNPs (MAF ≥ 5%) in HapMap samples from Yoruba Nigerians (a) and Utah residents with ancestry from northern and Western Europe (b). Note that only two of the four coding CTTN SNPs have been genotyped in HapMap samples: rs643301, predicting a Tyr486Tyr change, and rs2298397, predicting a Thr24Thr change. However, only rs643301 showed MAF ≥ 5% in both population groups. Distance in kilobases shown in the x-axis.
gepi20343-GenEpi-07-0209_Supplementaltable1.doc45KSupporting Information file gepi20343-GenEpi-07-0209_Supplementaltable1.doc
gepi20343-GenEpi-07-0209_Supplementaltable2.doc47KSupporting Information file gepi20343-GenEpi-07-0209_Supplementaltable2.doc

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