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gepi21741-sup-0001-figureS1.tif3555KFigure S1. Manhattan plots for G-E correlation effects within controls only for GLC, SLRI, and CE-IARC GWASs and never vs. ever smokers model (NE). The upper line represents genome-wide significance, p-value of 10−8. The lower line indicates a p-value of 10−5.
gepi21741-sup-0002-tableS1.docx21KTable S1: SNPs discovered in G × E Interaction Analysis of ILCCO/TRICL GWAS
gepi21741-sup-0003-tableS2.docx15KTable S2: Type I error for G × E interaction methods, under G-E independence
gepi21741-sup-0004-Suppmat.docx13KSupporting Information

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