Genetic Epidemiology

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September 2010

Volume 34, Issue 6

Pages 529–641

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    1. Estimation of P-value of MAX test with double triangle diagram for 2 × 3 SNP case-control tables (pages 543–551)

      Katsura Hirosawa, Takahisa Kawaguchi, Fumihiko Matsuda and Ryo Yamada

      Version of Record online: 30 AUG 2010 | DOI: 10.1002/gepi.20510

    2. African and non-African admixture components in African Americans and an African Caribbean population (pages 561–568)

      Tanda Murray, Terri H. Beaty, Rasika A. Mathias, Nicholas Rafaels, Audrey Virginia Grant, Mezbah U. Faruque, Harold R. Watson, Ingo Ruczinski, Georgia M. Dunston and Kathleen C. Barnes

      Version of Record online: 17 AUG 2010 | DOI: 10.1002/gepi.20512

    3. A Bayesian approach to genetic association studies with family-based designs (pages 569–574)

      Melissa G. Naylor, Scott T. Weiss and Christoph Lange

      Version of Record online: 30 AUG 2010 | DOI: 10.1002/gepi.20513

    4. Identifying genetic interactions in genome-wide data using Bayesian networks (pages 575–581)

      Xia Jiang, M. Michael Barmada and Shyam Visweswaran

      Version of Record online: 21 JUN 2010 | DOI: 10.1002/gepi.20514

    5. Quality control and quality assurance in genotypic data for genome-wide association studies (pages 591–602)

      Cathy C. Laurie, Kimberly F. Doheny, Daniel B. Mirel, Elizabeth W. Pugh, Laura J. Bierut, Tushar Bhangale, Frederick Boehm, Neil E. Caporaso, Marilyn C. Cornelis, Howard J. Edenberg, Stacy B. Gabriel, Emily L. Harris, Frank B. Hu, Kevin B. Jacobs, Peter Kraft, Maria Teresa Landi, Thomas Lumley, Teri A. Manolio, Caitlin McHugh, Ian Painter, Justin Paschall, John P. Rice, Kenneth M. Rice, Xiuwen Zheng, Bruce S. Weir and for the GENEVA Investigators

      Version of Record online: 17 AUG 2010 | DOI: 10.1002/gepi.20516

    6. Pooled versus individual genotyping in a breast cancer genome-wide association study (pages 603–612)

      Ying Huang, David A. Hinds, Lihong Qi and Ross L. Prentice

      Version of Record online: 17 AUG 2010 | DOI: 10.1002/gepi.20517

    7. Variation in folate pathway genes contributes to risk of congenital heart defects among individuals with Down syndrome (pages 613–623)

      Adam E. Locke, Kenneth J. Dooley, Stuart W. Tinker, Soo Yeon Cheong, Eleanor Feingold, Emily G. Allen, Sallie B. Freeman, Claudine P. Torfs, Clifford L. Cua, Michael P. Epstein, Michael C. Wu, Xihong Lin, George Capone, Stephanie L. Sherman and Lora J.H. Bean

      Version of Record online: 17 AUG 2010 | DOI: 10.1002/gepi.20518