Supplementary_Information.pdfPDF document6286KAuxiliary material for this paper contains a discussion on how to model the different olivine LPOs forming as a function of water content, deviatoric stress, temperature and pressure (section S1), and on results sensitivity to D-Rex parameters (section S2). We provide 8 additional images of the models' flow field and finite strain (Figs. S1, S4), deviations of A type LPO from the FSE (Fig. S2), SKS splitting patterns of a model with narrow plate blocked at the rear (Fig. S3), pole figures of different olivine LPOs (Figs. S5, S6) and sensitivity tests on the LPO modeling (Figs. S7, S8). All the auxiliary material is referred in the main text where a more complete discussion about its content can be found. In the supplementary tables are reported the normalized resolved shear stress for the different LPO analyzed (Table S1) and the elastic moduli and anisotropy of the entrained sub-slab mantle rotated to the horizontal (Table S2).

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