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ggge20093-sup-0001-TABLE. DR1. Data repository.pdfPDF document149KElevations of paleolandsurface relicts and local base levels were extracted manually at 380 field stations by landscape analysis combining satellite images and the SRTM digital elevation model in the Google Earth software. Three categories of stations were distinguished for collecting the data. The first category comprises stations that had already been visited, mapped and interpreted by previous authors (references are provided in the auxiliary material file). The second category comprises stations located in regions we have investigated during field reconnaissance and where the paleolandsurface relicts and regolith covers were identified (Western Guinean rise, Southeastern part of the upper Niger and upper Senegal catchments, Manding Mounts, Niger Basin, upper drainage of the Black Volta, Gondo and Iullemmeden basins and their margins; Figure 1). Stations of the third category were analyzed and interpreted without ground check, by using the same criteria as for other stations combined with the available published descriptions of landscapes and regolith cover of the considered regions. These data support the Figures 4, 6-11 and 12 of the Paper [2012GC004518]
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