ggge20111-sup-0001-Figure1AU.tifTIFF image19996KCarbon isotope composition of the total inorganic carbon dissolved in (a) LPM and (b) LGM.
ggge20111-sup-0002-Figure2AU_box_model.tifTIFF image5969KBox model.
ggge20111-sup-0003-Figura3AU_cdr.tifTIFF image9208KSaturation index of minerals (SI = log IAP/KS, where SI is the saturation index, IAP is the ion activity product, and KS is the solubility product constant). The used Si content data for saturation index calculation are in Nicolosi [2010].
ggge20111-sup-0004-Figura4AU.tifTIFF image16503KGas pressure versus depth. (a) and (b).

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