• Autunia naumannii (Gutbier) Kerp;
  • peltasperm radiation and migration;
  • early Permian;
  • North China

The peltasperm foliage Autunia naumannii (Gutbier) Kerp and possible peltasperm fructifications are for the first time described from the uppermost Taiyuan Formation of earliest Permian age near Wuda, Inner Mongolia. This is the oldest record of this group on the North China Block (Sino-Korean Platform), indicating an early migration into this area. Data of other occurrences in China demonstrate independent radiations of the group in Cathaysia. All known records indicate that peltasperms probably originated in the tropical extrabasinal areas of Euramerica, and subsequently migrated within the tropical belt and experienced independent regional radiations in Europe, the southwestern United States and on the North China Block. The present discovery of Autunia naumannii (Gutbier) Kerp in China adds a common floral component between the Euramerican and Cathaysian floras, providing more evidence indicating mutual migration of floral elements between Cathaysia and Euramerica. Copyright © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.